LNG Trading

Our approach is to deliver turnkey end-to-end solutions from source to destination by reducing the size and integrating key components to create conceptually a virtual pipeline which encapsulates the entire LNG value chain in order to minimize risks. This is in contrast to small (<0.4 MTPA) to large (>1 MTPA) scale LNG projects which are ‘wholesale’ in approach based on massive interlinked but independent self-contained facilities requiring huge capital investments bound by complex long-term contracts and subject to intense oversight by governments. Our MicroLNG process chain is a ‘retail’ based approach driven by market factors at both ends of the value chain of ample numbers small suppliers (particularly in Central and North America) and also an ample number of retail end-users (particularly in China and South-east Asia) who are not yet able to have access to each other.

Large LNG export and receiving terminals are limited in access and adds significant cost in transmitting available gas to retail consumers. Our solutions provide a virtual pipeline using a seamless concept to reach earlier and deeper into isolated sources to retails consumers further from LNG terminals and who are not yet connected to pipelines. Such end-users can range from utilities to industrial consumers in the retail market.

Our MicroLNG solutions provides earlier returns to investors at significant lower risk levels. Projects can be developed and funded with our own capital and in combination with associated financial institutions.

Offshore Marginal Gas Field Development:

Marginal Gas Fields refers to oil fields that may not produce enough net income to make it worth developing at a given time. Usually the cost of capital expenditure relating to installation of offshore production facilities, subsea systems, pipelines, decommissioning and associated operating expenditure are significant factors contributing to the insufficiency of net income. Our proprietary design Mobile Offshore Gas Production Units (MOGPU) can significantly reduce cost by means of making available offshore small scale LNG liquefaction facilities installed on jack-up mobile units to harvest a significant amounts of offshore gas from fields which are considered marginal thereby significantly improving field economics. By leveraging our company’s offshore experiences in the last twenty years, we are able to provide operators and gas lease owners with cost-effective solutions to realize the potential for their marginal offshore gas fields. Depending on customer requirements, our scope of services can include full field analysis, pre-feed or feed studies and EPCIC solution. In many cases, through offering our proprietary MOGPU (Mobile Offshore Gas Production Unit) based MicroLNG production and storage solutions, economic feasibility of valuable oil and gas resources are significantly improved.

Large-scale LNG Export Terminals:

OGS-GE, with its parent company and associated parties, actively explore opportunities for investing and participating certain strategic large scale LNG export and import terminals. Our focus areas are export liquefaction terminals in North America and import distribution terminals and facilities in China. OGS-GE is uniquely enabled to finance projects and fund capital as we are associated to the China Merchant Group which has related manufacturing, financing, shipping, transportation, port, infrastructure and trading facilities within the Group. We are uniquely positioned to provide a wide range of complete and customized solutions to meet your specific situation and needs.

Micro-LNG Solutions for flare gas and marginal or isolated gas wells:

OGS-GE provides onsite MicroLNG liquefaction services (<01. MTPA) for upstream flared gases from producing oil wells which dominates over 90% of all flaring. Flaring is the practice by which oil and gas operators burn off natural gas (usually gas that is associated with oil production) rather than putting it in a pipeline or otherwise putting it to beneficial use. We provide seamless turn-key high capture efficiency for conversion of gas into LNG whilst staying ahead of regulatory requirements. Our systems provide treatment, dehydration and liquefaction of vented natural gas. Our systems require little or no capital investment by producers and are able to reduces gas emissions. More importantly we are able to significantly improve field economic and minimize potential environmental liabilities.