Large scale LNG Terminal

OGS-GE is actively exploring opportunities for investing and participating certain strategic large scale LNG export and import terminals. We focus on investments in export liquefaction terminals in North and Central America and import distribution terminals and facilities in China and South-east Asia. OGS-GE works with a wide network of associated companies within the China Merchant Group to support and provide synergistic value to large scale projects. OGS-GE brings a network of construction facilities, shipping, financing and trading specialists with our associated companies to large scale projects which require significant amounts of capital investments and capacity for such projects.


Integrated Transcontinental LNG

OGS-GE works with a wide network of small suppliers, small scale transportation solutions, offshore ship-to-ship transfers facilities, distribution and small bunkers or containers to cater to a small scale supply chain to provide point to point LNG supply. Projects include the potential build-up of an integrated transcontinental route for small scale producers and also providing small scale early production facilities to improve economics of long gestation periods related facilities, infrastructure and pipeline projects. OGS-GE provides projects with a range of expertise from EPCIC, financing, delivery, offtake and operations.

Weight Lifting Class

Offshore Marginal Gas Field Development

OGS-GE offers proprietary design Mobile Offshore Gas Production Units (MOGPU) based MicroLNG production and storage solutions combined with offshore Jack-up units, liftboat and other offshore platforms. These opportunities combine OGS-GE’s offshore expertise with small scale LNG facilities which can be condensed and fitted on to offshore Jack-up units and platforms. These designs provide a means for gas associated with production on many stranded offshore fields to be converted into energy and or economically harvested. OGS-GE offshore marginal gas fields projects bring together a number of complementary assets which forms integrated supply chains operating closely to improve field economics of offshore marginal gas field.


Flare Gas Recovery (FGR)

OGS-GE has a dedicated team of energy professional with a proven commercial background, specializing in strategic small scale fuel supply arrangements, business development & marketing, project development, relationship management particularly in small scale supply chain components and operators. OGS-GE has built a wealth of experience and strong relationships with gas and technology suppliers, strategic partners (financiers, project partners) to bring together solutions for the vast amount of associated gas still disposed through flaring. Our projects are based mainly in North America where the there is an abundance of flared gas.